Dealing with the Demands of Change

by Ingrid Bacci, PhD, CST 

    The global, societal and personal changes we are both witnessing and experiencing are dramatic and far-reaching in scope. How can we personally deal with them in the best way, transitioning as easily as possible into a new era? One way to answer this question might be to take two issues into consideration.

         First, if you notice yourself feeling fear or anxiety in the wake of current economic realities or other uncertainties, take a moment to think about this. Fear has never served you. Fear scatters and disperses your energies, stealing you of your focus and of the concentration you could utilize for better purposes. You are bigger than your fear. Make a list of the big problems and challenges that you have overcome in your life. Notice how many challenges you have mastered. You have conquered problems before, and you will do so again. Remember also that difficult circumstances are best viewed as opportunities. this is true for you, for me, for everyone. Challenging times in our lives are important vehicles for learning. If we feel nervous or unsure, those feelings point out our weak places, the places we need to heal to move more firmly along our life path. They give us an opportunity to get stronger. Once we've built that strength, we will never lose it, and we will be better for it.

          Second, consider the current challenges times as an opportunity you have been given to contribute your unique capacities in some special way to healing our world. The planet has been on a crash course toward self-destruction, so much so that the current collapse could be viewed as the planet's "soul" crying out for a different direction. The 'business machine' and its ally, the human desire to acquire and to consume, have contributed massively to ecological catastrophes, wars (including those fought in the name of democracy), massive exploitation, extreme disparities of wealth, and unparalleled greed. These trends need to end.
     There are very few of us who have not participated in some way in creating these trends. Perhaps we have one of those gas-guzzling cars, or work for a company that creates toxic products or services, maybe we have just overspent our income, or perhaps the problem is that we have given too little time to the things that really matter in life. No matter what part we feel we have played or not played, the current crisis gives us a chance to rethink what really matters, and to put our life energies increasingly into something we really believe. What really matters to you? What can you contribute to your growth, your family, your society? What would you like to manifest as your life's mission? There is no question that each of us is completely unique, and that our uniqueness expresses the fact that we are born here to bring our passions to the world. No one else can do what we are here for. Use this time to think about what trail you would like to blaze in your life's sky. The more you take the time to think about what is truly authentic and meaningful to you, the more you will bless the world and yourself with the gift of yourself.
 May your life be free of fear, and may you find your way to your own state of effortless flow."