Sleep is essential to your well-being

When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.” Proverbs 3:24 NIV

Sleep is essential to your well-being. It is necessary for the body to recharge its batteries, heal its wounds, rest the spirit, and regroup for another day. Everyone needs a slightly different amount of sleep but everyone needs good quality rest. This means deep, uninterrupted sleep for at least six or more hours a night. Without good sleep you will experience fatigue, moodiness, irritability, poor memory, decreased dexterity, decreased energy level, and possibly depression.

Many things can cause a poor night’s sleep: excessive napping, physical ailments, poor sleep habits, excessive worrying, or even hormonal changes. Many of these conditions can be remedied through behavior change or medical treatment. If falling asleep is difficult, establish a routine to train the brain to prepare for sleep. If sleep problems occur more than three times in a week, consider seeing a doctor to determine if the problem might be medical in nature. Conditions like restless legs or hot flashes can be addressed medically. Continued sleeplessness and fatigue may cause additional risks for high blood pressure, cardio-vascular problems, weight gain, or depression.

Sleep is also impacted by the mattress you have. You spend approximately one third of your life in bed so make sure it supports you well and can give you a restful night. Consider looking for a new mattress if you routinely: wake up achy/numb/stiff, toss and turn during the night, sleep better on beds other than your own, feel yours is lumpy/sags or have a mattress between 5 and 7 years old.

Spiritually, sleep is important for active minds and good dispositions. The worries and challenges of daily lives often cause problems during the waking hours which can carry over into the nighttime. Turn your worries over to God. Work with His spiritual presence and His gift of medicine to achieve a restful night.

(Source: Mayo Clinic